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How do You Collect Data Safely?

Data are irreplaceable foundations in the digital world. It is very important to create a secure area for the collection of data that forms the basis of digital marketing and digital advertising.

What is Management Information?

Management Information is a term that covers all the processes that transform data into information.

What are Vehicle Computers?

Vehicle Computers (VSA) refers to vehicle stability control systems. These systems are used in almost all vehicles today.

What is Cloud Storage? - Cloud Storage Devices

Cloud storage is the areas where you can store your data in the virtual environment such as photos, videos or pdf.

How To Design a PCB Layout?

Printed circuit boards also known as PCB are plates made of various insulating materials with conductive tracks and islands on the surface for mounting electronic circuit elements and with solder-coated holes between the surfaces.

How To Ensure Network Security?

Network Security as the preventative measures taken to safeguard network infrastructure from unauthorized access, modification, malfunction, misuse, improper disclosure or destruction of data.

What are Lanner Products?

Lanner Electronics Inc. is a world-leading hardware provider in design, engineering, and manufacturing services for advanced network appliances and rugged industrial computers.

What Are The Telecom Datacenter Appliances? What is Purpose?

In simplest terms, a data center is a pyhsical facility which organizations use to house their critical data and applications.

What are the Purposes of Vehicle Computers

The first computers began to be used in automobiles in the 1970s to perform basic functions such as gearbox shifting and ignition timing.

What is an Embedded Box PC?

Embedded computer systems go by many names (Box PC, Gateway, Controller, Industrial PC, etc), but an Embedded PC is essentially any specialized computer system that is implemented as part of a larger device, intelligent system or installation.

What is an Industrial Computer?

An industrial PC is a computer designed for industrial purposes, such as the production of goods and services

What is Network Appliance?

A network appliance is a centralizing machine that brings together hardware, software, and services for a group or a network.

What Are The Purpose and Fields of Network Devices?

Network devices, or in other words network hardware, are physical devices intended to provide communication and interaction between hardware in a computer network.

What Is SASE? What Are The Benefits For Your Business?

SASE, also known as Secure Access Service Edge, is a cyber security network that manages to combine WAN and security system into a single cloud-based system.

What Is The Role of Virtualization In Cloud Based Services?

To answer this question, we first need to understand the Virtualization concept thoroughly.

With Which Devices Do You Ensure Your Network Security?

With the digital age dominating our lives and the increasing interest in technology, data security has become an even more priority issue.

Who is Refine? What Benefits Does Refine Provide For You?

With its 16 years of excellent and acclaimed experience in the Information and Communication Technologies sector, Refine continues to be the authorized distributor of Lanner Electronics Inc.