How do You Collect Data Safely?

Data are irreplaceable foundations in the digital world. It is very important to create a secure area for the collection of data that forms the basis of digital marketing and digital advertising. With the rapid increase in digital transformation, data security and privacy are gaining importance at the same speed.

What is Data Privacy?

Data privacy is secure data that can be published by combining with other information in a way that does not lead to direct or indirect identification. Confidential data collected, processed and stored for the production of official statistics; It is not shared with any administrative, judicial or military organ, authority, authority or person. Confidential data cannot be used other than for statistical purposes and cannot be used as a means of proof. Data scandals such as Cambridge Analytica and KVKK (Personal Data Protection Law) have allowed the use of data for advertising purposes to be monitored more strictly than ever before. Therefore, marketers should act by making sure that the data used in advertising is collected, stored and processed in accordance with KVKK.

What are the Important Issues in Data Security?

Data security is based on three main factors. Data security is ensured by fulfilling these three factors. These three main factors are data confidentiality, data integrity and data availability. Other than:

• It ensures the protection of sensitive data from unauthorized persons and accesses thanks to confidentiality.

• Thanks to integrity, information cannot be changed intentionally or accidentally.

• Its usability feature makes it accessible by authorized users.

What Precautions Can Be Taken for Data Security?

Cybercrime is one of the most important risks of the digital world. Both large companies and small businesses should definitely prefer a security shield against cyber forces. It is important to keep data security at maximum in order to strengthen, protect and manage your systems against cybercrime. Measures that you can take for data security:

• It is necessary to provide cyber security information and training specifically to employees.

• It is very important to increase security measures in order to raise awareness of information security.

• All employees should be specifically informed about simple precautions such as not opening unknown e-mails, not clicking on website links, not accepting files.

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