How is 5G Network Security Provided?

5G technology functions require workload code and data protection, secure key management, and application programming interface (API) security. That's why 5G hardware components must have an edge-to-core framework that offers the possible attack surface.

An ideal 5G network security protection should address security at every layer, protecting all systems from every sensor node to the cloud. Embedded security ICs provide features; such as advanced physical security layers, cryptographic algorithms, secure boot, encryption, secure key storage, digital signature creation, and verification. So what are requirements to ensure 5G hardware security?

Things to Do to Ensure 5G Network Security

In 5G technology, perimeter-based security controls such as a basic firewall or data encryption are not acceptable to ensure network security. In addition, service providers use IntelR embedded hardware security features to reduce cybersecurity risks and increase overall productivity and usability. Three main areas of protection are required for effective 5G hardware. They are as follows:

Key Management Security

Keys are highly effective for providing network, workload security, authentication, and encryption. Strong authentication requires private security keys and digital key management protection.

Crypto Boost

Crypto acceleration provides cryptographic functions in hardware rather than software. That helps to maximize the processing of encrypted network traffic. In addition, network security improves processing performance.

Platform Firmware Durability

Each platform should have main firmware components for booting and operating requirements. Platform firmware must be original and have reliable connectivity for the entire platform. Then it can handle critical software operations and protect against highly sensitive data intrusion like malware, spyware, ransomware, and data leakage. At the same time, service providers can develop the potential of 5G technology by securing these areas above. Moreover, service providers are critical to benefit from emerging trends such as confidential computing and gain new service opportunities.

5G Network Security Components

A useful 5G network security needs to be built on solid foundations. For this, Lanner network devices provided by Refine Inc offer many solutions. These solutions are as follows:

• Secure key management of service providers

• Crypto acceleration and platform firmware flexibility

Provides core hardware-based security solution to help solve 5G security challenges. Lanner ensures the continuous improvement of network security and allows service providers to meet evolving security requirements. The 5G hardware components are as follows:


HTCA-E400; 5G Open RAN with comprehensive configuration has built-in AI boost for Edge Cloud and AI edge-oriented applications. It is also supported by 3rd Gen Intel Xeon scalable processors. It also has carrier-grade Open-End Server options.

HTCA-E400 is powered by edge computing for fast 5G deployment. This device is a high-performance device for this operation. This device is capable of supporting FPGA, GPU, or Time Sync cards. It also helps 5x 1U compute sleds or 2x 2U+1U compute sleds. That makes multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) servers suitable as a unified Edge AI server for the 5G Edge Cloud.


Powered by 3rd Gen IntelR XeonR scalable processor and IntelR C627A chipset. It also has nearly all network interfaces and up to 1536GB of system memory for I/O. In addition, the configuration supporting 8 NIC module slots is available. Other notable features include the 850W 1+1 ATX redundant power supply. It also has a standalone hot-swappable intelligent fan.

As Refine, we supply products of Lanner Electronics Inc. which is a world leading provider of advanced network devices, embedded computers, virtual platforms, durable industrial hardware design. 

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