Lanner Establishes a New Subsidiary in Europe to Provide Local Service and Support

Lanner Electronics, a leading provider of network hardware in enterprise network security and intelligent edge computing, announced on October 26, 2021 the establishment of Lanner Europe BV, a newly formed European subsidiary headquartered at the HSD Campus in The Hague. It aims to further strengthen Lanner's presence by expanding its hardware design and manufacturing services of advanced and customizable network devices and Smart Edge computers to European system integrators, value-added resellers and software partners. In addition, Lanner Electronics has partnered with the Security Delta (HSD) community.

Lanner Aims To Be The Best

Lanner; is a company focused on providing the most innovative networking platforms and rugged industrial computers that empower network security, edge cloud and industrial IoT applications. For over three decades, Lanner has become the leading hardware provider in these vertical markets. The establishment of a new subsidiary in Europe aims not only to meet the unique requirements of the networking, telecommunications and IoT industry from local partners, but also to offer best-in-class ODM/OEM services to accelerate time to market.

“As the innovation hub of the Dutch security cluster Security Delta (HSD), the HSD campus is an excellent base of operations where we can collaborate and build business relationships with institutions in the Netherlands and Europe,” said Geoffrey Egger, Managing Director of Lanner Europe.

BV stated that “We are excited to work closely with European partners to bring their offerings to market by providing reliable hardware platforms that are uniquely tailored to their specific needs.”

“It is invaluable that Lanner Electronics has chosen the Hague and HSD Campus region to establish its European Office. We are also very pleased that they joined the Dutch cluster Security Delta (HSD). With expertise in predictive simulation technology, this visionary can make a difference in collaborations with other partners, enabling smart dynamic businesses with smart dynamic processes as their mission. The partnership with HSD is a perfect fit and ) adds value to the field of security”.

Lanner Electronics:

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