Lanner V6S: School Bus Camera Solution

Designed and manufactured for the safety of school buses, the Lanner V6S camera systems take this safety net even further.

This product, which allows the driver to watch the interior of the bus with live video and capture its sound, keeping his eyes on the road; school bus security cameras allow to easily detect bullying, vandalism, misbehavior of any student and even risky driving habits. It also allows remote inspectors to save and view images to quickly resolve issues. Lanner's V6S is the ideal solution for crowded and secure areas such as school buses. The school bus camera system depends on multiple components for its functionality.

Indoor / Outdoor Bus Cameras

Interior cameras take a wide view of all students boarding the bus. Interior bus cameras also take live images of the driver to help remote supervisors quickly detect signs of abnormal behavior that could put students at risk. Exterior cameras have an important place in detecting the difficulties associated with the bus, driving and surrounding vehicles. These cameras can be used to automatically collect footage of stop sign arm violations, to assist the driver with bird's eye maneuvering, and even as evidence of accidents. Integrated cameras can be complemented with a monitor to help drivers see all their video inputs on a single screen.

Network Video Recorder (NVR)

LANNER's V6S is a new generation durable vehicle surveillance Network Video Recorder (NVR). This onboard computer is designed for onboard operations to consolidate all video feeds and save them on a removable SSD/HDD storage. The V6S comes with 2 removable 2.5" drive bays (HDD/SSD not included). The V6S NVR also supports PGN-600 and PGN-300 4G/LTE radio modems for mission-critical communications. With these radio modules, the V6S NVR can transmit video data in real time over mobile network and communicate with fleet management center. V6S NVR supports up to 10 cameras. These cameras can be connected via PoE ports or WiFi (with the support of a module). The NVR receives digital signals from all cameras; then can transmit it either to an on-board monitor or to a remote fleet management center.

Core features

• 10 RJ-45 PoE ports and 1 GbE port for IP camera connection.

• Two removable 2.5" HDD/SSD drive bays.

• Advanced vehicle computing. The V6S is power efficient and graphics accelerated. It comes with a 7th Gen 14 nm Intel® Core™ i7-7600U SoC.

• The V6S can operate in a wide temperature range and is shock and vibration resistant.

• Support for 4G/LTE modules (and dual SIM card readers) for mobile broadband connectivity.

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