OT Security: Defined, Explained, Solutions

OT (Operational Technology) refers to information systems used to manage industrial operations. OT Security guides the products and protocols developed to protect these systems. So, what is OT securitywhat is operational technology, and what is the IT-OT difference?

IT (Information Technologies) refers to the operation of computers, servers, storage, or physical infrastructures. The primary purpose of the process that expresses OT systems; is to control and monitor energy production processes such as natural gas, oil, and electricity. So, what is the IT and OT difference? We will share detailed information about the subject with you in this article.

What is OT security?

OT security is the complete hardware and software used to monitor and control conditions or changes in devices, processes, and events. OT security is used to protect Industrial Systems and networks from attacks. Operational technology security is significant for protecting and operating critical infrastructures such as power plants, transportation networks and smart city devices.

Why is OT security important?

Securing industrial networks can be done without disrupting operations or risking incompatibility. These solutions allow the network control traffic to be seen fully and the correct security policies to be specified. It significantly reduces vulnerabilities and incidents while implementing an effective OT security strategy that protects processes, people, and profits.

What is Operational Technology?

Operational technology (OT) is software that includes direct monitoring and control of industrial equipment, assets, processes, and events. This term is used to show the technological and functional differences between traditional IT systems and the Industrial Control Systems environment. Examples of operational technology include:

  • PLCs
  • DCS
  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) systems, including computerized machine tools
  • Scientific equipment (digital oscilloscopes)
  • Building Management and Building Automation Systems, (BMS) / (BAS)
  • Lighting controls for both internal and external applications
  • Energy monitoring, safety, and security systems for the built environment
  • Transport systems for the built environment

 What is the IT OT difference?

IT (Information Technologies) refers to the operation of computers, servers, storage, or physical infrastructures, while OT refers to the monitoring and operating of the physical business process. OT Security and IT Security are not the same, just as OT and IT are not the same. Unlike IT, OT has administrative and technological constraints.

The primary purpose of the process, which expresses OT is industrial control systems to control and monitor physical energy production processes such as natural gas, oil, and electricity. While the data processing process in OT Security is built on confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility, as in IT, accessibility is the priority in this trio for OT Security.

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