SD-WAN for Mission Critical Applications

A very elegant example of how SD-WAN, as the most advanced WAN option, can offer simplification, especially for critical applications such as healthcare. It is also a product that demonstrates that it can alleviate IT frustrations, maintain bandwidth efficiency, and provide uninterrupted connectivity to the cloud. Not using SD-WAN can result in not only unplanned network outages, financial and operational losses, but also waste of time.

Network Failover systems are completely dependent on uplink/downlink status. Therefore, single-cable lines are no longer sufficient for backup connection and redundancy. In a traditional approach, adding a new wired connection to a fixed location or via a different entry can result in the risks of disconnection during construction/maintenance and high installation costs. Wireless failover connectivity is a more effective and economical solution as it provides consistency and diversity by providing a physically uninterrupted connection. In addition, SD-WAN provides reliability by managing required access for system diagnostics and update/patch. Lanner's NCR-1510 and endpoints have the ability to enable Out-of-Band Management (OOBM), reducing the need for an onsite IT team. With a direct connection from the console port of an LTE adapter to the primary router at a branch location, network administrators can troubleshoot problems remotely. In this way, it has the advantage of solving problems in a timely manner. Network Bandwidth is also guaranteed during network failover with Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) technologies; through bandwidth aggregation and traffic segmentation between wired and wireless WAN links, SD-WAN allows IT to set configurations that ensure critical data comes before the wireless failover link. As a result, all business-critical traffic can continue to flow with higher bandwidth Gigabit Class LTE and 5G connections.

No More Compromising Security

SD-WAN allows for partitioning of mission-critical traffic and assets and well-protected against vulnerabilities. For example, in the retail or financial industries, confidential application traffic within the enterprise allows protection from external threats by leveraging SD-WAN's various security solutions. SD-WAN platforms provide a resilient and flexible network solution to unavoidable system disruptions while maintaining the quality and security of MPLS.

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