The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Future

With the help of advanced computer programs, all informatics processes in which we obtain the function of human intelligence are called artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence studies started in 1950 and have been continued with great momentum until today. Artificial intelligence, which feeds movie and series scenarios, especially is being used successfully in some specific subjects in the fields of finance, medicine and engineering. Artificial intelligence is essentially independent products that can extract meaningful information from the collected data and make logical decisions as a result of this information. It is possible to talk about the main components that make up artificial intelligence. These are; machine learning, planning, robotics, speech, vision, expert systems and natural language processing.

The 7 basic categories that make up artificial intelligence are:

• Machine learning: Machine learning is divided into tutorial, non-tutorial and deep learning.

• Speech component: It is divided into two as text-to-speech synthesis (MKS) and text-to-speech synthesis (KMS).

• Vision: It is applied in two different ways as image processing and machine vision.

• Natural language processing: It has processes such as classification, machine translation, content extraction, text generation and question answering.

The most basic point to be achieved in artificial intelligence is to create software that resembles the human brain but has 0 risk of error.

Should We Be Afraid of Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence has always been a subject of attention. In particular, stories such as robots will rise up and wage war against humans or take over the world are quite interesting. But artificial intelligence is being developed purely to advance medical, engineering, and technology. In difficult surgeries, the risk of errors in surgeries is reduced thanks to the robotic arms developed to avoid human errors. Artificial intelligence software systems are used in many different areas such as city planning and the development of technological devices.

What Do We Expect from Artificial Intelligence in the Future?

Artificial intelligence is a system that aim to increase the efficiency of employees at work. With the development of AI software systems, the need for manpower will decrease in the coming years. Therefore, concerns about unemployment are on the agenda. It is predicted that artificial intelligence will replace manpower in areas such as transportation vehicle drivers and security systems. The physical and digital worlds are currently very close to each other. In the near future, the physical and digital world will become a whole with the help of artificial intelligence. "Augmented reality" is especially among the topics that’s on the rise.

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