What Are The Purpose and Fields of Network Devices?

Network devices, or in other words network hardware, are physical devices intended to provide communication and interaction between hardware in a computer network. More specifically, network devices act as intermediaries for data transfer in a computer network.

The equipment range of network devices is extremely wide. These equipment may include core network components that serve to interconnect other network components, hybrid components, and hardware or software components located at different ports of the network.

Network devices can be classified according to their location and role in the network.

To briefly introduce the most commonly used and most well-known components among these;


It can be said that Gateway is a network hardware that provides communication between data between two networks through different network protocols. We can also think of Gateway as an interpreter who helps two people who do not speak the same language or have difficulty communicating to understand each other.


Router is a network device that establishes and directs communication between two networks. We can define this as the seamless delivery of a data packet from one station to another. Routers can be considered among the most important computer network equipment that maintains network traffic.


Network Switch, also known as Switch, is one of the network devices that allow computers and other network components to be connected to each other. It helps different nodes on the network to communicate in a healthy and direct way.


It is a network device that connects two computer networks into one. It is mostly used to connect ethernet or token-ring-based networks. It can act as a hardware on its own, as well as act as a bridge with a suitable software or operating system support.


The hub is tasked with connecting multiple computer network devices together. It also works as a repeater to amplify distorted signals. There are two types of Hubs; simple and multi-port.


Firewall is a hardware-based network security system that controls outbound packet traffic to the network based on a rule set. With many different filtering features, it keeps the internet traffic of the computer and the network, including incoming and outgoing packets, under control.

Having a solid knowledge and understanding of networking devices can enable you to design and implement a network that serves you well, for your personal or corporate purposes. To ensure the security and usefulness of the network, you must monitor the network equipment very closely. In this way, you can easily avoid configuration problems and potential attacks.


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