What are vCPE and uCPE?

Developing technology and scalable networks are needed to provide high-quality services in many areas. Direct computing to the vCPE (network edge), where data is created and consumed, is critical to exploit opportunities and operational savings. vCPE is needed as much as uCPE. So what are vCPE and uCPEwhat is SD-WAN vCPE, and what is whitebox routing?

What are vCPE and uCPE? The vCPE resides inside your network just outside the network hub. This edge is based on locations, such as regional data centers, next-generation central offices (NGCOs), hard-wired access points, wireless access base stations, and radio access networks (RANs). If you would like to find out the answer for the following questions: what is vCPE, why is it used, what is uCPE, why is it used, and what are the differences between uCPE and vCPE?; Continue reading our article to learn about vCPE and uCPE.

What is vCPE? Why is it used?

Migrating computing to vCPE allows for effective routing of workload placement. In addition, it has many advantages. These are as follows:

High speed

Moving data processing and analysis to vCPE helps improving system responsiveness. That makes transactions happen faster.

Advanced network traffic management

By reducing the amount of data sent over the network to the cloud, large amounts of data are transferred with bandwidth.

Advanced security features

With a correctly implemented edge computing solution, it may be possible to increase data security by limiting the transferred data over.

What is uCPE? Why is it used?

In general, the questions about what is uCPE and vCPE are the same. After the vCPE mentioned above, uCPE consists of Software Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) running on a standard operating system hosted on an open server. A successful uCPE deployment supports a multi-vendor, multi-component architecture. That's why uCPE brings the power of the cloud to the telecommunications network. In addition, the reason for using uCPE is that it has several benefits. These benefits are as follows:

• Segregation of network devices into hardware and software components from multiple vendors

• Using out-of-the-box (COTS) servers to break cost curves

• Using a mix of open source and commercial software components

• Collaboration with customers and suppliers

The next topic is what SD-WAN vCPE is. It leverages the power of software to manage connectivity and services between software-defined data centres. In addition, remote connections and connectivity between cloud systems simplify administration and service management. In this case, the existing router structure is used during the application process. Furthermore, virtual customer facility equipment (vCPE) is also among the choices.

What are the differences between uCPE and vCPE?

uCPE is an advanced version of vCPE that solves some of its limitations. It is also based on software and VNFs. Besides that, virtualization is performed by the branches themselves. For this, Lanner has a recommendation for hardware suitable to run multiple Virtual Network Functions (VNF). 


The NCA-1516, a desktop network device powered by the C3000, is capable of both mmWave 5G and Sub-6GHz 5G. Besides, its WiFi6 is compatible with both 2.4G and 5G. The NCA-1516 is enhanced with extensive networking features and configurations for vCPE/uCPE and edge security.


Designed with the C3758, C3558, C3558R or C3338R CPU, the NCA-2513 offers a higher TDP and higher frequency with the ability to handle up to 8 cores. Also, includes Intel® QAT, 8x Ethernet ports, 64GB system memory, two dual Gen3 bypass (with SKU), 1x NIC module slot, 1x M.2, 1x PCIe x8 or x4 FH/HL (with SKU), and compatibility.

As Refine, we supply products of Lanner Electronics Inc. which is a world leading provider of advanced network devices, embedded computers, virtual platforms, durable industrial hardware design. 

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