What are Vehicle Computers?

Vehicle Computers (VSA) refers to vehicle stability control systems. These systems are used in almost all vehicles today. Considered as the most advanced system especially in new generation technologies, VSA supports vehicles to travel in a much safer and healthier way thanks to its powerful central computer systems. With the appropriate software used in these high-performance computers, which can perform detailed calculations in the most accurate way in a short time, driving becomes much safer.

What Does Vehicle Computers (VSA) Do?

Vehicle Computers, also known as VSA, is one of the features that you should definitely pay attention to when buying a new vehicle. VSA, referred to as Vehicle computers, is an innovative system that prevents vehicles from skidding when cornering. They are systems that send exactly the necessary power to the wheels of the vehicles, especially during turning processes, sudden maneuvers and accelerations. Thus, it is possible for the vehicle to continue to travel safely on the road. The newly designed vehicle stability control systems, which are used in many vehicle models, work together with the track control systems. In particular, these systems have been specially designed to keep the vehicle on the road not only in bends, but also in all road conditions and weather oppositions. The biggest function of these systems is to reduce the accident rate of new generation vehicles and to increase the safe driving experience.

What is Vehicle Computers Working Principle?

VSA, which provides vehicle stability control; with sensors placed on the wheels, the wheels of the vehicle that are slipping or turning idle are reported to the operating department with a technological infrastructure. After this communication, detailed operations such as how much power should be given to which wheel and how much brake should be applied are calculated. Thanks to, all necessary interventions are made to ensure that the vehicle does not go off the road and stays on the road, and the safe driving experience is completed.


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