What Does the Lanner FW-7585A Do?

With the development of technology, many different systems and devices has begun to take place in our lives; and one of these devices is FW-7585a, placed in Lanner products. What we should know about the Lanner FW-7585?

Lanner Fw-7585 is a network security system that uses the latest technology features of Intel Shark bay platform ( Intel Haswell CPU and C226 PCH basis). This security system has the ability of security algorithms to perform operations such as data encryption and decryption. Also, it can be used in optimization applications such as WAN, IPS, VPN, blocker and UTM for small and medium scaled business environments.

In Lanner FW-7585 system;

  • 8 Intel GbE LAN port with internal LAN Bypass
  • 2 DDR3 1600 DIMM (max. up to 16 GB)
  • 2 system cooling fans
  • ATX power supply

So what are the main features of Lanner’s FW-7585?

In this article, we will focus on what you need to know and wonder about the Lanner FW-7585, one of the Lanner products.

Features of FW-7585

Lanner FW-7585 acquires many features of network security systems. Its’ main features are listed down below;

  • Supports 4th generation Intel Core i7/i5/i3 Quad/Duo-Core CPU with C226 PCH ( code name ‘Shark Bay’)
  • Entry-level 1U rack mount with 8 Intel GbE LAN port
  • Less depth and form factor design
  • Ability to increase security without slowing response times with Intel AES-NI system
  • Supports DDR3 memory up to 16 GB
  • Intel i210AT LAN controller
  • 2 system cooling fans
  • Supports 3rd generation LAN Bypass
  • Optional CPI expansion slot
  • Internal LCM with electronic keyboard
  • Storage temperature is between -20 and 70 degrees
  • Operating temperature is between 0 and 40 degrees
  • Additionally, the operation humidity is between %5 and %90 (condensing)
  • Storage humidity is between %5 and %95 (non-condensing)
  • Sizes take form as (G x Y x D) 431 mm x 44 mm x 305 mm (16,97" x 1,73" x 12,01")
  • Its weight is 7 kilograms, (15.4 lb.)

What are the Usage Areas of Lanner FW-7585?

Lanner FW-7585 is a security system built agains new threats. This network security covers all software and hardware systems that exchange data over the internet. Thus, network security is necessary to protect customer data and stored information. It is important for keeping shared data secure and promoting network performance with reliable access. Also, you need to consider network security to be protected against cyber threats.

A well designed network security system prevents cost loss that might occur from data breach or other potential security problems for individuals and organizations. It ensures legitimate access to systems, applications, and data helps deliver business operations, services and products to relevant customers.

So what are the areas that we use the Lanner FW-7585?

The Lanner FW-7585A security system enables security algorithms to conduct studies such as data encryption. It is also can be used in small and medium scaled business environments for UTM, and blocker usage. It shows accordance with VPN, IPS, and WAN optimizations, smoothly.

As Refine, we supply products of Lanner Electronics Inc. which is a world leading provider of advanced network devices, embedded computers, virtual platforms, durable industrial hardware design. 


Lanner Electronics: https://www.lannerinc.com

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