What is Big Data?

Big Data is one of the most curious subjects in our changing world. Big data emerges as a popular topic again with the introduction of the internet into human life. In the 2000s, an intense data flow to the internet starded. In the early years of the millennium, the increase in the functions of search engines and the proliferation of social media channels enabled corporate and financial information, as well as personal information, to enter this wide network. This flow and data enabled individuals, corporate companies, in short, everyone who has a relationship with the Internet to gain an online fingerprint. This trace still processes and records the searches that individuals and institutions make on the internet.

The Importance of Big Data

At first, the uncontrolled intense data flow brought many problems with it. The name of this problem was garbage information. Uncontrolled, aimlessly stored users' data was not an important issue back then. However, when the calendar showed 2009, the swine flu epidemic in the world seriously revealed the importance of big data on internet users. In the swine flu epidemic that occurred in 2009, an intense search intensity was found on the internet according to the symptoms of flu in one state of America. After this intensity, as a result of the researches carried out in the region, a report was published that the swine flu was widespread in the region where the users searched. Benefiting from the benefits of Big Data, the relevant units professionally intervened in the conditions of the epidemic by following the traces of these calls.

Benefits of Big Data In The Sectors

In line with these user-based reports, important fields such as the health sector, marketing and so on started to develop services according to the interest of their customers. The most important sector that increased in value during this period was the advertising sector. The advertisements that users complained about as empty content were replaced by advertisement content that takes into account individual interests. The personal search statistics provided by big data have benefited institutions as well as individuals.

Big Data Made Everyone Win

Big data is the most important criterion for acting in a planned and focused way for sectors. Thanks to big data, companies have gained savings, time and focus. With the time gained, spending expenses decreased. Institutions, whose profits increased with decreasing expenditures, started to provide better service. With the decrease in expenses, the working conditions of the personnel have improved in parallel. Big data revealed a win-win opportunity. Rather than seeing purposeless content, individuals saw products that fit their needs. Industries also gave their focus to the people they wanted to market through big data.


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