What is Edge Computing Appliance?

Edge computing is a device that processes data from many devices or software. An end device is any piece of hardware that controls the flow of data at the boundary between two networks. End devices perform a variety of roles depending on what type of device they are, but mainly serve as network entry or exit points. Some common functions of end devices are transmission, routing, processing, monitoring, filtering, translation and storage of data passing between networks. Edge devices are used by businesses and service providers. Cloud computing and the internet of things (IoT) have increased the role of edge devices, inaugurating the need for more intelligence, computing power, and advanced services at the network edge.

What Are the Types of Edge Computing Appliances?

One of the most common types of edge devices is the edge router. Typically used to connect a campus network to the internet or a WAN, edge routers essentially act as gateways between networks. A similar type of end device known as a routing switch can also be used for this purpose, although routing switches typically offer less extensive features than full-fledged routers. Firewalls can also be classified as edge devices as they sit around a network and filter data moving between internal and external networks.

What are the Edge Computing Appliance Benefits?

• Application and network latency is reduced.

• It has enhanced bandwidth.

• Improves security to transfer less (or no data) over the Internet.

• Reduces reliance on third-party networks, storage, and computing, increasing reliability and control.

What Are Lanner's Edge Computing Solutions?

An edge computing device is critical for optimizing IoT and IIoT devices and other applications by bringing computing capacity closer to data sources. This edge computing hardware is a type of edge technology that aims to reduce the need for long distance communication between server and client. This reduces latency and improves security, reliability and bandwidth. Lanner's portfolio of edge computers is multifunctional. These devices are not limited to general edge computing capabilities.


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