What is Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)?

The development of technology has lead to various other developments in transportation sector, and ITS is one of those developments. So what is ITS and what are examples of it?

Intelligent Transportation System, actually is a definition for the usage of information and technology in transportation, is still improving. Their way of usage and complexibility , on the other hand, differs from one country to another. It is essential that logistics companies from all over the world understand the advantages of ITS offer so taht they can evaluate the potential advantages, relevant costs, abd how to implement ITS ideally.

ITS is an improved system for shortening traveling times and increasing traffic safety, optimum use of available road capacity and mobility. Thus, this system serves useful purposes as decreasing the damages to environment and contributing to energy efficiency. So what samples can be given as Intelligent Transportation System?

Intelligent Transportation System Samples

ITS, is a system that enhances transportation quality or achieves other results based on applications which monitor, manage or improve transportation system. Majorly, ITS is based on collecting data and analyzing the collected data. After the system successfully collects data and analyzes it, the outcomes will be used for planning, managing and controlling transportation system. Additionally; we have listed some samples of ITS.

  •  ITS used in Glasgow, Scotland shares regular information about bus services, seat availability, current location, next station, and departure time.
  • The government of Seoul designed the routes of night bus services based on the analysis of mobile phone location data. The Seoul Government has worked with a private telecommunication company to analyze calls made from 12.00 a.m. to 5.00 a.m. By matching this data with billing addresses collectively, the Government determined which regions show more demand for night bus services.
  • New Orleans City specified the waiting locations of ambulances based on emergency call models.
  • Sydney Subway, the biggest mass transportation project in Australia, can nearly double the city’s current public transportation capacity. Also, one of the main features of this project is that it will have a driverless system.
  • The Cityringen Project located in Copenhagen will create a new circular line in the city centre. This driverless, automatic libe guarantees the access of 240.000 passengers per day, and the access mentioned will provide a 24-hour transportation system to Copenhagen citizens.

Benefits of Intelligent Transportation System

We may list lots of benefits for ITS;

  • Determines insufficient roads
  • Decreases accident rates
  • Perform analysis for new road constructions
  • Aims to give more efficiency to transportation system with the use of information, communication and control technologies
  • Increases the attractiveness of public transportation
  • Decreases traveling time and industrial costs
  • Helps reducing the negative environmental effects of public transportation
  • Supports speed control system and reformations

ITS provides beneficial services such as public transports for passengers, time tables, and enhanced security in vehicles and terminals. In addition, it gives a higher quality service ti its users by providing real-time program informations.

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