What is Management Information?

Management Information is a term that covers all the processes that transform data into information. Management Information, abbreviated as MI, reveals the power of interaction between management and information professionals. MI, which is management information systems; It is a discipline that brings together people, technology, systems theory and knowledge management.

Is Management Information System Useful?

MI is the collection and processing of data during business activities. This data can be about customers, staff, visits or processes. The data obtained is not only numerical data, but also data are collected qualitatively. Thanks to the collection of all data, the performance of the company, firm or workplace is evaluated and reorganized on a basis suitable for improvement.

MI enables businesses to analyze trends that help them predict the future and solve problems before they arise. In this way, service and business performance increases in a short time and long-term with the right analysis.

Where is Management Information System Used?

Management Information can be used in many different areas today. Especially not using it in the modern business world, will lead to blockage of the roads to success. The main working areas for Management Information are:

  • System Analysis and Design
  • IT Innovations and Project Management
  • Managing the Impact of IT on Businesses and IT Infrastructure
  • Web-based Information Systems and Applications
  • Data and Web Mining
  • Social Computing and Social Media Analytics
  • Services Computing and Process Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Green Information Systems
  • Global Information Systems and E-business
  • Information Systems Security and Privacy
  • Human-Computer Interactions
  • Human Behavior and Organizational Studies
  • Social and Cultural Aspects of Information Systems
  • Economics and Information Systems
  • Emerging Information Systems Applications in Health, Government, and Other Organizations


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