What is Network and How Is Network Security Ensured?

The network has an important place today with the wide coordination networks it has created. Network provides services in many different areas for individual and corporate uses. While services become social media channels for individual preferences, they operate differently in corporate businesses. The network comes to the fore in individual networks, in the communication of people, obtaining information, arranging personal information. Networks with their strong infrastructure allow a person to solve any problem at home, despite being in a different city, through channels with internet access.

People own individualized control mechanisms with powerful network and devices. Corporate businesses, on the other hand, provide internal coordination and effective communication with external connections, with strong networks. Individual or corporate accessibility, which has become widespread with the networks, brings some problems. The first question that comes to mind on the subject: How is network security ensured? Network security is done through programs that protect individual/corporate data.


Firewall is one of the most preferred tools in protecting individual/corporate data. Firewall is described as the first step of defense against cyber attacks. It is the first defense mechanism between the local network and the external network. This program, which controls security points between the internal and external network, is adjusted according to individual / corporate requests. Firewall, when installed, compares the connected network with the desired content.


The answer to “How is network security ensured” question is a VPN program. VPN becomes an important resource in establishing reliable connection between devices. Because the data programs are encrypted, VPN has an important place in network security against cyber attacks.


Another answer to “How to ensure network security” is the method known to everyone by anti-virus programs. It is the first application method that comes to mind. The most important work of anti-virus programs is to protect networks from malicious files and pirated software. Especially many companies that communicate via e-mail attach great importance to anti-virus programs. It is known that e-mails usually come at the top of the places list where viruses infect networks most frequently.


The IDS (Intrusion Detection System) system is one of the important programs that monitors problems that may occur inside or outside a network. The IDS program is at the top of the list of needs for individual/institutional preferences. The program stands out more because it easily handles internal and external threats that may occur inside the system. IDS operations are divided into two sub-branches as network-based and server-based.

URL Filtering

How is network security ensured? In network security, url filtering is a form of application that is often preferred by corporate businesses. Businesses take some precautions because they have large networks, many large accounts and documents. These measures are taken by preventing employees from accessing certain sites. Since company computers are important for the network security of institutions, some companies make certain websites blocked for their employees.


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