What is UTM Firewall?

Computer security has become the most significant problem in today's informatics world. Viruses, trojans, spam, and attacks are increasing rapidly. For this reason, Antivirus Gateway (Scanning for viruses and harmful programs on the Gateway) technology has become mandatory for all large networks. On the other hand, the damage caused by these malicious applications is more than the amount paid to AV Gateway. The industry is generally leaning towards UTM devices that block all threats. So what is a UTM firewallwhat is the firewall device and what is the firewall device for

Unified Threat Management is a developing trend in the firewall devices market. For this purpose, many brands have started to release "Unified Threat Management" (UTM) products that can block all threats in a single device. In this way, both central and easy control is provided, and the license costs are cheaper than buying different technologies piecemeal. UTM are advanced devices that perform traditional firewalls and VPN (virtual private network) services that protect against attacks. Also, perform content filtering, spam mail filtering, intrusion detection system, spyware blocking, and anti-virus at gateway used by multiple systems. We will share detailed information about the subject with you in this article.

What Benefits Does UTM Firewall Provide?

UTM firewall appliances are best for businesses, companies, and institutions no matter their size. It offers significant advantages in managing threats and ensuring the efficient protection of sensitive information. These advantages are as follows:

Hardware consolidation: Helps the administrator maintain control over a single device rather than multiple devices.

Simplified Management: A series of threats emerging simultaneously from various parts of the network can suffer if too many security devices are involved. UTM; It provides centralized management, giving administrators the right to control many threats to local and remote environments on a single platform. Also, the process is more comfortable as there are only a few apps that need to be added.

One reseller, one license, one support link: For administrators to collaborate with a single reseller and associated support is easy. Builds a beneficial relationship to ensure consistent progress. To manage the license of a single device rather than working permission for multiple devices is also easy.

Economical: UTM is a single hardware platform. Also, it is easy to use and manage. So, it is more economical than using multiple devices.

What to consider when evaluating a UTM device?

Below are the five key elements to evaluate for and against when purchasing UTM devices:

  1. Make sure there is no vulnerability in your security setup. A UTM device provides comprehensive security protection against internet-based threats.
  2. To fully provide the Integrated Security Device, the device must have a firewall, anti-virus filter, anti-spam filter, URL filter, and intrusion detection system.
  3. The UTM device must be flawless; Components such as the anti-virus filter database should be up-to-date and easy to use.
  4. A UTM device should be operational 24 hours, seven days a year. And also, it should be transparent protection and stable for your corporate network.
  5. The price must be affordable, and the product must be comprehensive.

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