Where is 5G Technology Used?

The letter "G" in the term 5G stands for "generation" in English. In the simplest terms, downloading 500 MB of data in 5G technology is completed in one second. It is 20 times faster than the 4.5 G technology used today. "5G" also means that this technology infrastructure has developed for the 5th time.

What are the Advantages of 5G Technology?

5G technology is a term that sums up the fast age of the internet. With the fastest internet available, users also have the opportunity to download 4K videos with very high image quality in just minutes. In addition, 5G technology is also very innovative, thanks to its wireless nature. No cable infrastructure is required in 5G. Users obtain the Internet from signals in the air, just like the Internet of mobile phones. 5G makes phone calls over the Internet and browsing websites faster. In particular, data uploaded or downloaded from the internet is downloaded to the phone/computer or smart devices in a faster and shorter time.

When Will 5G Come to Turkey?

There is no definite date for when 5G technology will be used in Turkey. However, it will be implemented first in the United States. In Turkey, 4.5 G technology currently in use. This technology is used by 51 million people. The large number of users is of great importance in terms of the necessity of moving simultaneously with the world in the field of technology. Therefore, it will not take a long time for this technology to come to our country.

What are the Uses of 5G?

5G technology is not just about getting fast data from the internet or uploading data fast to the internet. The usage areas of 5G will spread to a very widespread environment. It will support the development of many areas, especially automation. At the same time, 5G will be used extensively in homes and workplaces. Apart from this subject; 5G is currently used in business development centers in various parts of the world for use in the healthcare field. Studies to obtain more data from the babies in the incubator will be used in areas such as the rehabilitation of paralyzed people, and will be the basis of medical development.


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