With Which Devices Do You Ensure Your Network Security?

With the digital age dominating our lives and the increasing interest in technology, data security has become an even more priority issue. Although new methods of data security are found and existing methods are tried to be improved, cyber threats are becoming more and more scary every day. The only way to get rid of these threats is to strengthen Network security.

Network security can be defined as preventive measures taken to protect the network infrastructure against unwanted changes, malfunctions, destruction of data and unauthorized access. Various devices are used to take these precautions.

A network security strategy should focus on three main points: Protection, detection and response. Protection encompasses all tools designed to counter any threat to network security and prevent unauthorized access. Detection refers to resources that enable to analyze network traffic and identify problems quickly. Response is the ability to react to identified threats and quickly resolve them.

So, with which devices will we ensure Network Security? Let's take a look at a few of the most used methods

Our first and most important tool is Firewall. Firewalls are security control software / devices between your local network and the external network. Information such as which data packets will pass and which passwords will be passed within the pre-determined policies, and which passwords will be verified are added to the firewall rule tables. In this way, the person and information traffic reaching the system is taken under control. The rules on the firewall determine who can and cannot enter the inside / outside systems, which computers and which services can be used by those who enter.

Our second device is VPN, in other words Virtual Private Networks. Virtual private network or vpn is an Internet technology that enables connection to different networks through remote access. Because VPN creates a virtual network extension, a device connected to the network using VPN can exchange data over that network as if it were physically connected. Thanks to VPN, we can both reduce our costs and move PCs and LANs in different places, which we could not do because they were previously unsafe and expensive, to the same platforms over the internet. In this way, it is possible for us to connect to our company while at home, access company resources, check our e-mails and use the Intranet as if we were there.

Another security measure is to use an Antivirus Software. Antivirus software, or antivirus software, also known as anti-malware, is a computer program used to prevent, detect, and remove malware. E-mail, http and ftp traffic, which are the services where viruses are most spread, are directed to the antivirus gateway based on the firewall logic. After the scanning process here, it is directed to the necessary places. With this system, viruses from outside are prevented. With the antivirus system installed on mail servers, viruses circulating in the local network via e-mail are deactivated.

Again, one of the very effective defense methods is to use IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems). IDS (Intrusion Detection System) generally appears in two types; Server based IDS and Network based IDS. Intrusion Detection Systems continuously scan network traffic and analyze the results. In this way, any type of attack can be identified and responded quickly. IDS usually maintains a database of known attack methods to be able to quickly recognize attacks and threats and take quick action.

Another powerful tool we can use for network protection is Anomaly Detection. Network Anomaly Detection Engines, in other words ADE, allow the network to be analyzed so that if any breach occurs in the network, we are alerted quickly enough to respond.

Finally, we can mention Network Segmentation as an important Network security measure. There are many types of network traffic, each associated with different security risks. Network Segmentation allows us to reach the right traffic without risk while limiting the traffic from risky and suspicious sources.

Reliable network security software and hardware, combined with the right policies and smart strategies, can minimize the impact of cyberattacks and eliminate concerns about Network security.


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With Which Devices Do You Ensure Your Network Security?

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