With its 17 years of excellent and acclaimed experience in the Information and Communication Technologies sector, Refine continues to be the authorized distributor of Lanner Electronics Inc. which is one of the world-leading suppliers in designing, engineering and manufacturing advanced network appliances, embedded computers, virtual platforms and rugged industrial hardware.


Refine, additionally continues to successfully provide sourcing services for PCB Design and Manufacturing and has more than 17 years of experience in PCB assembly services. Refine’s strength lies in achieving the lowest assembly and manufacturing costs for various projects based on its experience and strong relations to its manufacturing partners in China.

Offering special offers to its existing customers to enjoy the best quality and cost-effective Lanner products, Refine also aims to grow further and add strength to its strength by adding new partners and new dealers to the Refine family.

Refine also draws attention with the convenience and opportunities it provides to its customers in shipment. Experienced Refine team strives to provide the easiest logistics and shipping solutions according to the demands of customers in both Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia.

For this purpose, Refine currently expanded its warehouse area in Hong Kong to better meet the needs of its customers and therefore manages to stay one step ahead of its competitors in its market with its flexible shipping and pricing policy. Refine successfully handles a large number of shipments originating from Shenzhen, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Refine has also collaborated with the most reliable suppliers in order to meet the production targets of its customers in order to establish strong business relationships.

Due to being at the top of the ICT sector for many years, it is one of Refine's most successful areas to predict all kinds of risks and thus provide various analyzes that will enable the customer to save costs and money.

Refine's support and surprises for its customers are not limited to this. It also offers special opportunities for a range of products on behalf of 17 successful years in the industry. All customers have to do is contact Refine to take advantage of this birthday surprise.

Thanks to its strong ties with the best manufacturers and its successful shipment policy, Refine looks to the future with hope and aims to remain at the top in its sector for many years to come.

Refine is Lanner’s Authorized Distributor In
The Middle East, Türkiye And Pakistan.